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Welcome to Life Science Research -ISSN2455-9636

Life Science Research is a monthly journal in print providing comprehensive information on latest developments in the field by up to date reporting and analysis.  The focus is on research tools, technologies, products and services. The journal publishes about break through discoveries in the core sectors - drugs and therapeutics, diagnostics, biomedical, healthcare, agricultural, environmental, food and industrial applications through news, reports, update , feature articles, reviews etc.

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Volume 02 Issue 02 May 2017

Research News

May 24, 2017
Engineering human stem cells to model the kidney’s filtration barrier on a chip

The kidney – made up of about a million tiny units that work to filter blood, constantly rids the body of undesired waste products to form urine while holding back blood 

May 24, 2017
UCSB researchers develop a more precise and controlled method of engineering tissues from stem cells

Nothing beats nature. The diverse and wonderful varieties of cells and tissues that comprise the human body are evidence of that.

May 23, 2017
Design of a promising gene therapy method to treat Wilson’s disease

Scientists at the Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA) at the University of Navarra (Spain) have designed a promising gene therapy method to treat Wilson’s 

May 23, 2017
Researchers apply new immune technologies in search of mono vaccine

A research lab at the University of Kansas School of Engineering and School of Pharmacy is analyzing the genetics of human immune responses to develop the basis of 

May 23, 2017
A new tool to decipher evolutionary biology

A new bioinformatics tool to compare genome data has been developed by teams from the Max F. Perutz Laboratories, a joint venture of the University of Vienna and the 

Industry News - Products and Services

May 24, 2017
Biotage Releases Isolera™ Dalton 2000

Biotage announced the launch of Isolera™ Dalton 2000, a new mass detector for flash purification that expands functionality through a wider detection range of ion 

May 24, 2017
New High Performance Filtration Plates from Biotage

Biotage announced the launch of ISOLUTE® FILTER+ high performance filtration plates, for the processing of samples prior to UPLC-MS/MS, alongside a 

May 24, 2017
New Mass Detector for Flash Chromatography from Biotage

Biotage announced the launch of Isolera™ Dalton 2000, a new mass detector for flash purification that expands functionality through a wider detection range of ion 

May 24, 2017
MilliporeSigma Develops Alternative CRISPR Genome Editing Method

MilliporeSigmay has developed a new genome editing tool that makes CRISPR more efficient, flexible and specific, giving researchers more experimental options and 

May 24, 2017
MilliporeSigma Launches Industry's First Off-the-Shelf Cell Culture Media for Perfusion Processes

MilliporeSigma took a significant step toward increasing manufacturing flexibility and enabling higher productivity with the launch of the EX-CELL® Advanced™ HD